I was so inspired after reading a ABC news article on a bride battling cancer planning their honeymoon. If you’d like to read article click here. The image was beautiful; it appears to be her mother placing the laced headpiece on her head, as she is smiling and tilting her head. The joy in her eyes is truly infectious.

I am definitely lacking in the hair accessory department. My current hair accessory is throwing on the wig I made! LOL, however, I would love to switch it up a bit and dress my hair. The texture of the hair is quite lovely and has been working well with the climate (I will go in detail on another post later).

Feeling inspired, I scoured the internet for the most interesting pieces I could locate out there. I could see myself wearing all of these headpieces. Each are striking and are definitely an attention grabber. Headpieces are common place in other parts of the world. In the states, I don’t see many women wearing them. I am heading over to Forever 21 to see if I can find any today. Wish me luck! I love a good steal of a deal!


Could you see yourself wearing any of these headpieces?



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  1. I love the center one that has to chains draped on either side, but atlas I have an enormous head and would need to get it custom made in order for it to fit. LOL

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