Planning a Class Party

Planning a Class Party



Planning a class party requires patience, communication, and a jovial spirit! It’s that time of the year again. The leaves are falling, temps are dipping, and the days are getting shorter. Yep the start of the school year, an always interesting and exciting time of the year. Again, I have decided to volunteer for Head Room Parent duties for my second grader. I am getting all of my ideas together and working with teacher to put on awesome parties for the kids this year. It was definitely a learning curve my first couple of years doing this. I am a working mom, so I have to plan my time accordingly. I realized many of the parents I was working with, are stay at home parents. It is interesting to listen to their experiences. There is drama everywhere between certain cliques of parents. I was not in the know. Working moms be careful of how you may be perceived. Believe it or not there is a pecking order. Sideline this crap if you can. Try as best you can to avoid these antics and shenanigans. You never know who is who and who knows who.

To save you time and a headache, I put together a list of items to remember to help ease you into this.

  1. $$$: Find out the budget and if school offers reimbursement for cost of supplies/snacks. Quite often there is a budget and deadline to turn in receipts for reimbursement to the Parent-Teacher Committee.

  2. Talk to your teacher! She/He can best judge what works and what does not. They may have games and activities so you can re-use.

  3. HEADCOUNT: Ensure you have enough snacks for the kids/teacher/volunteers. Have extra if possible.

  4. Check school’s policy on food allergies, store-bought vs. homemade. This is a big issue at my school. For my Christmas party, I could not use a single food item any parent brought in. All were either made in factories with peanuts or contained traces. I had to go out grab a pizza and ice cream sandwiches…all of this last minute!!!

  5. Send out letters/flyers early soliciting for donations and volunteers.

  6. Ensure the activities are age appropriate.

  7. Will your activities require major clean-up? I advise you to steer clear from this. Janitors and teachers frown upon messy activities which cannot be cleaned up quickly.

  8. Time Management: Do not pack the afternoon or day too full. For example, my children’s school parties last no more than an hour!

  9. You would have rather have TOO MANY volunteers than not enough. I cannot stress this enough. Everyone is welcome!

  10. Make it FUN!! This is what it’s all about. Solicit your kid’s for ideas. They know what their friends will like/dislike.



As I plan my class party, I will update with a sample letter to send home to parents, games, activities, and peanut-free snacks.

Don’t let the discussion stop there!

Share your own tips/tricks with me and fellow readers below in comment section!

Blogging Hiatus

Blogging Hiatus

Blogging is hard work people! I know lots of people believe bloggers are lazy creatures, who get paid to sit on their butts and troll the internet all day long. I am sure there are some of those bloggers out there but I am not one of them. Many of the bloggers I know are entrepreneurial, self-starters with a passion for creativity. When I began to blog, it was more of a bucket checklist. I wanted to create a blog that discussed items I was interested in and hope I could entertain women like myself in the process.

When I started, I had no idea that blogging was big business. I had fellow bloggers and businesses wanting to collaborate. Boy was it a rush! I was excited and motivated because I always wanted to know what it would be like to become my boss. That shit is overrated! Let me tell you. Now I have been in the workforce for the past 12 years; so I had an expectation of revenue to be in line with my experience… It was not. People wanted me to work for free. Review products in lieu of a free product. Here’s one review my product, send it back to me, and earn “exposure?” WTF is that? I cannot pay my car note with a small container of hair gel; pay my hair stylist on no damn exposure?!!! Y’all are probably LOL’ing right now but I am dead ass serious!!! If you knew the amount of work these bloggers put into images, lighting, cameras, and dedication into those links you click, you would just…die twice. The amount of money these individuals make is worthless compared to the amount of time they spend working on these sponsored posts and reviews.

Thinking I was doing something wrong; I joined blogger groups. Do you know there are women who will accept diapers as payment? Or a poorly made custom bandage dress?! It kept getting more and more ridiculous. Thinking, I still could make this work, I researched and realized St. Louis Missouri has “quite” the fashion scene lemme tell ya… I invited my mother to an event with me. When I tell you the shade is real. I find it disheartening in this day and age, that Black females are so catty with one another. I am not sure if it’s a certain age group or just Black women in general. I mean the classic mean mugs (staring up and down), rolling eyes, and giving fake smiles. My mother is damn near 50 years old and had to endure what I had been feeling. It was reminiscent of my feelings during the FALL 2014 STLFW events. I pride myself on professionalism. I made business cards and flyers giving fellow bloggers and brand representatives my information. It was a waste of time, energy, and my damn money. Most of the time, I would be fielding questions on website development, business taxes/finances, and image branding/consulting. I was a consultant. I hear y’all saying,” Oh Kia that is fantastic!” Yeah right, if I was being compensated for my ideas and mentorship. People love to talk your ear off until you let them know, this is my hustle, pay me!

What would bother me the most is, before you ask for help, try to help yourself. That is one of my biggest pet peeves. Try to figure stuff out on your own. I spent countless hours and dollar dollar bills y’all (ode to Wu-Tang!) to gain knowledge. I had people close to me that think it was ok to leech and want what I paid for. for free! Either copying my original images or trying to figure out what computer code I used to have my Pinterest (that is a plug, CLICK IT!) account linked to my blog. I have been pinning crap all darn summer. (FYI: That is the hardest sh*t ever man!) I understand the need, but damn can you not help yourself first?!

This experience definitely opened my eyes to something bigger. Generally I like helping people. However, putting it into perspective, I was not getting any closer to my goal. These brands and advertisers want bloggers to work for virtually below minimum wage. To boot, there are bloggers who do this dumb ish. This makes it definitely much more difficult for the person who wants to become the real, deal Holyfield blogger. I was checking Google Statistics daily, freaking out over every little typo, font, new WordPress themes, and oh I almost died when my site crashed for the first time! LMAO! Yes I thought my world was over as I knew it. I was up till 3 am getting my site back up. This blog had become my life. I had begun to crack out over this blog. My husband began to complain, oh boy. I swear husbands want ALL of you, literally! Then folks close to me began reading my blog. They were nice compliments, complaints, hate, shade, imitators, and confusion. That was frustrating to say the least.

I cannot say when I will quit blogging, but I will say I have learned a great deal about myself. The moral to this is: Never give up. Even when it seems implausible or others around you are not supportive. YOU are your biggest fan. Believe in yourself, nothing is ever insurmountable. Take each struggle and mistake as an experience. Without mistakes and struggles you will never become stronger. To each his own, throughout all of this I found my passion and something I am great in: consulting others on getting their business started! 

So nothing happened tragically to me; thank GOD. I just was enjoying life and enjoying my family and friends all summer. I hope you all enjoyed your summer too. My kids are back to SCHOOL YOO HOO! Hope yours are too, JK! I love the kiddies. 

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Hopefully, I am now able to motivate to blog again and get out of this stank rut I was in. Now let’s return back to the fun stuff! Thanks to you one thousand, two hundred, ninety-nine people who like my blog and reads my posts but too nervous to write a comment! Love y’all. Don’t be scurred; I do not bite, pinky swear. Plus, I like to respond quickly. Side note: WTH are pics of my nephew?! I swear he has been with me on most of these family occasions and dodged all my pics. That lil rascal!!

Monochromatic Colors

Monochromatic Colors


Hello Ladies! I am back with some outfit inspiration to shake up your work wardrobe this week. Try  monochromatic colors! It is very easy to achieve this look. There are many colors you can wear this way: greens, yellow, reds, orange, white, blues, and pinks. You can pair the darker shade on the bottom or top. It is safe to wear the darker color on the bottom to draw attention away. However, that is exactly what I wanted to accentuate… LOL!

What colors do you look best in? This is the best place to start. Peering in your closet is a  good place to start. It is very likely you buy more of a certain color. Play around with a blouse/skirt combo, a blouse/slacks combo, or even a dress/heels combination. Ensure the colors are bright and complement each other. See above. The color purple is not exactly the same; one i darker than the other.

Next, search look for understated jewelry that pairs well with the combo above. Studs, hoops, ear cuffs, bracelets, or simple one-strand necklace. I opted for diamond-like studs and a couple of leather BCBG multicolored banded bracelets.

For the feet, choose a well-made shoe that stands out, but be sure it isn’t overbearing. A nice leather or suede sandal would work well. The look I went for was work appropriate and chic.

I bought these pants from J Crew and the top from TJ MAXX, it’s a Theory blouse. The shoes are DVF suede sandals. All these items were bought seasons ago. Do not worry about the old adage, “matchy-matchy.” Need some new pieces, try J Crew for inspiration. They offer great color palettes to work with and prior seasons colors still work well together! No I am not being paid to say that. I purchase all of my clothing darlings! 

NO FEAR!!! Check out a few outfit inspirations below. Have a fantastic week and remember to do it fashionably! 

For buying details, head over to my Polyvore page!